Chris Henry, Organ Donor

My son Chris designated himself to be an organ and tissue donor because he was selfless in nature and always wanted to help people however he could. He believed donation was the right thing to do. As his mother, I supported his decision because I wanted to make sure his wish to help others was honored. Chris was a wonderful and caring son, father, brother, teammate and friend. Our family misses him so much and we will always cherish our memories of him. My sons and I have always been extremely close, and we know that Chris is still with us because of all of the people he was able to help as an organ and tissue donor.

As I watch his children growing up, I see Chris in them—his looks, mannerisms and other unique features that defined my son. It makes me proud that their father went on to perform such a heroic act, and I know that when they are older and can truly understand all that he was able to accomplish during his life and after, they will be grateful and honored to know that Chris Henry was their dad.

-Carolyn Henry: Mother of Chris Henry, Organ Donor