Loretta Davis, Liver Transplant Recipient

On April 9, 2009, I became very ill. Not knowing what was wrong, I went to the doctor and received news that I was very sick. My family was told that 90 percent of my liver was damaged and that I had two days to live. While still in the hospital a month later, a liver became available. So, on May 10, 2009, I received a liver transplant.  With the help of my faith in God and the skill and compassion of those at The University Hospital, I was made new. I was given another chance at life.

Although my recovery was slow, I counted it a blessing to be a mother to three beautiful children and a grandmother to one precious granddaughter. This September I was also blessed with another beautiful granddaughter. As a result of this life-changing experience, I have found my purpose, and I don’t take anything for granted. I have a special place in my heart for the family who lost so much, yet said “yes”  to donation and gave life to someone in need. That someone was me.

While sick, I prayed and made a promise to God that I would make others aware of the importance of organ and tissue donation. Just as my donor gave new life to me, a single donor can save eight lives and improve the health of many. We can all help that person in need.  I know firsthand that becoming a donor can and will save a life.  I’m living proof.

– Loretta Davis, Liver Transplant Recipient